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What We Do 

The work we do is extremely important to us here at Tolly Paving - and we want you to know the steps we take to get great pavings every time. 

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Us In Action

Get a better idea of the sort of work we carry out here at Tolly Paving by watching a range of videos of us hard at work!

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View an extensive range of images showing the pavings we have done by both hand and machine by clicking through to view our gallery. 

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Machine Lay Block Paving

Paving is no longer done only by hand - here at Tolly Paving we also use machines to help us get the perfect paved look on larger sites.

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Forklift trucks

We have our own fleet of modern forklift/loaders to ensure that we are
completely self sufficient on your sites.

Forklift Loaders

Probst Block Laying Machines

We have our own Probst block laying machines and are the leading company in the UK for machine laid block paving.

Probst block laying machines

Large jobs machine screeded

Larger jobs are machine screeded to complete the job faster for you.

Large jobs machine screeded

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When & Where?

We know that timing is important to you, thus we have the resources in both manpower and machine power to ensure your job is completed on time.

We pride ourselves on being large enough to cope and small enough to care!